Practice singing anywhere, anytime with the Singer's Mate.
  • Practice from lead sheets in popular MusicXML format.
  • Automatically adjust to your vocal range with the Transposition Tool.
  • Adjust practice parameters for your performance.
  • Stay on key with visual feedback from the Pitch Detector.
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App Description

Trying to learn how to sing? Spending too much of you voice lesson just learning to sing on key? Now you can develop this most basic singing skill all by yourself using Singer's Mate.

Singer's Mate is a pitch training tool. It detects the singer's pitch and superimposes it over notes of a song as they are animated across the screen. The visual feedback provided by Singer's Mate makes it easy to sing on key. A trace of the pitch is drawn over the notes during practice and can be reviewed afterwards by scrolling back over the performance. If a particularly difficult section is found, a practice range can be created making it possible to repeatedly practice just that part of the song.

Various tools, such as the Transposition Tool and Tempo Tool, along with setting for many practice parameters allow for a customizable user experience.

For more information see our Random Notes page or take a look at one of Singer's Mate's tutorials:

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